Rechercher un emploi chez Amazon

Benefits and Stock in Germany

When choosing a new employer, it is important to consider different aspects. At Amazon employees have the chance to work with interesting people on exciting projects - with many opportunities for further development. In addition, we offer as a company a full range of benefits for our employees and their eligible dependents. These benefits may differ slightly from one location to the next, but the basic benefits for Amazon employees in Germany are described below:


  • For health care we offer a wide range of additional services, such as influenza vaccinations and vision tests, as well as special terms for contracts with local fitness studios.
  • In addition, regular health screenings are held in collaboration with local health organizations.


  • All Amazon employees receive an annual employee discount of Amazon products.
  • For occupational retirement provision, there is the possibility for a gross salary contribution and an employer's allowance in an additional benefit plan.
  • Mothers on maternity leave receive a one-time payment upon their birth of a child.
  • Additionally, employees on parental leave receive a one-time family bonus beyond the statutory requirement.
  • Employees receive company-financed life and occupational disability insurance.
  • Employees are also eligible for various discounts with external business partners of Amazon.

Employee Assistance Program

  • All employees and their eligible family members can take advantage of a free and anonymous Employee Assistance Program for work-related or private issues (for example: legal or financial questions, family issues, child or elder care assistance or other Work-Life topics).


  • Our employees can flexibly shape their individual working hours in the framework of trust.
  • Added to this is a program which, under certain conditions (for example the duration of employment), allows an unpaid time-off period as a sabbatical.


  • We want Amazon employees to think like owners, and awarding equity provides an ownership opportunity to our employees. Therefore, eligible employees receive Amazon Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) from Inc. as part of our global compensation model. All Amazon employees participate directly in the success of the entire company.