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Facilities Manager

Job ID: 529471 | Woot Services LLC


The Facilities Area Manager will lead a team of facilities associates and ensure a safe working environment for all.
Responsibilities include:
• Dedicated to supporting multi-site production by working in a safe, customer-focused manner; and must be highly self-motivated and customer-centric.
• Develop and design solutions to difficult problems, manage outside contractors and be on call for emergencies.
• Handle multiple projects and daily activities, meet deadlines and develop plans on how to accomplish departmental and distribution goals.
• Ensuring that all safety programs and procedures are followed, develop and maintain preventative maintenance programs and good working relationships with operations.
• Develop business plans and provide guidance and direction for the successful implementation of those plans.
• Help to develop, set and track budgets.
• Understand and implement safety programs.
• Provide enriched feedback to enhance individual performance, provide associates with written performance appraisals including discipline and up to termination.
• Mentor all facilities associates by motivating and providing direction to help them achieve their goals and make a consistent effort to go above and beyond.
• Project planning and cost analysis.
• The Facilities Area Manager promotes and conducts good housekeeping.


• A completed Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or 2+ years Amazon experience
• Previous internship or leadership experience
• 2+ years experience in facilities and project management


· A completed Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline (Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil) from an accredited university or 2+ years Amazon experience
· Electrical and electronic principles
· Blueprint and electrical schematic reading
· Knowledge of CMMS programs
· Preventive maintenance procedures
· Industrial electrical
· Industrial controls
· Industrial electronics