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AWS Software Development

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Design the next generation of cloud computing.

Develop products that will amaze our customers. And yourself.

The Software Development team at AWS is responsible for leading, designing, and developing our software applications and systems. As part of our team, you’ll be challenged to not only meet the needs of our customers today, but to predict and create what they’ll need in the future. And if that’s not enough, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle big technical problems and push the boundaries on what’s possible for cloud computing. Come join us and raise the bar with every project you work on.

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Software developers at AWS are continually raising the bar in engineering excellence. Working here, you’ll see why everything we create has the potential to have a big impact on our customers around the world.





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For Ellen, the best part of guiding a team is watching them grow.

It’s no secret things move quickly at AWS. Luckily for Ellen Hsu, a Software Development Manager with AWS Elastic Containers, she thrives in this type of environment. “One thing I love about working here is how quickly things change. We evolve very quickly.” She carries this philosophy over to how she leads her team. By consistently nudging her developers outside of their comfort zone, she knows they’re growing in their careers. “Sometimes I’ll save conversations with engineers saying ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘this is too hard’ and then I’ll send it to them 8 months later when their project has launched. It’s a really great way to reflect on and celebrate everything they’ve accomplished.”

It’s my job to find opportunities for the engineers on my team to stretch outside of their comfort zone.

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At AWS, engineers own their solutions end to end. This provides a great learning experience for us because we’re exposed to what it takes to build a successful software solution from start to finish.

Kiki Levanti, Sr. Software Development Engineer
     Studio in The Cloud, Seattle, WA

I find it important to lead with empathy, helping my team become the best versions of themselves and ensure that the type of work and challenges they take on directly contribute to that.

Gaston Concillo, Software Development Manager
     People eXperience and Technology (PXT), Irvine, CA

I still find myself learning something new even after four years here, whether it’s learning new technology, learning to manage projects, or learning how to better collaborate with teams across the company.

Prajakta Gokhale, Software Development Engineer
     AWS Robotics & Autonomous Services, Sunnyvale, CA

Odi approaches every day as an opportunity to make a real impact.

What keeps Odi Enaholo, a Sr. Software Development Engineer with AWS Support, interested in his work is being able to build things that makes a difference. “Seeing something you create being used to help a business or industry is extremely satisfying.” When Odi joined AWS five years ago, he was most excited about working with new and experiential cloud technology—tech that other companies weren’t even talking about yet. “Developers have so many different options to solve problems because of the innovation happening here at AWS. It’s really exciting.”

AWS is a massive company, but teams operate as start-ups and can own their destiny.

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Some see a cloud platform. Others see a developer’s playground.

AWS’s software engineering teams create the breakthrough infrastructure, solutions, and products that have redefined the future of cloud computing. Here are a few reasons these are some of our most popular products to date.

Amazon DynamoDB

300 TB
amount of data Dropbox migrated in less than two weeks.
80.1 million
number of requests handled per second on Prime Day.
increase in daily revenue for FanFight, India’s top fantasy-sport platform.

Amazon EKS

67.9 miles
length weekly container images pulled from Amazon ECR would stretch, if placed side by side.
of new container customers choose AWS Fargate, a serverless compute engine for ECS and EKS.
of compute hours have been used on Amazon EKS.

Amazon EC2

400 Gbps
maximum ethernet performance available.
instances for virtually every business need.
Up to 90%
reduction in costs for companies who use Amazon EC2 Spot.

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