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Imagine Your Possibilities at Audible

This is a place of invention and inspiration. For more than 25 years, we’ve been a leading creator and provider of some of the world’s best-loved audio storytelling, constantly revolutionizing the way people discover, access, and share stories.

We’re also passionate Audible listeners. We know firsthand the power of stories to transform lives, spark ideas, and create community, and it inspires our work every day.

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Life at Audible

We love a great story. We get to spend our days seeking them out, dreaming up new ones, and creating incredible listening experiences. The work we do inspires, entertains, and informs people around the world. We also value our employees’ unique stories, so we place a premium on inclusion, belonging, kindness, and a fulfilling and energized life both inside and outside of the office.

Inside Audible

  • Our People Principles

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    Audible’s People Principles celebrate who we are and where we’ve been, and they guide the way we work to enhance the lives of our millions of customers around the world. They reflect and apply to everyone who works here—the entrepreneurs and operators, the dreamers and the doers, those who’ve worked here for 25 years, and those who’ve arrived in the past few weeks.

  • Life Inside Audible: Content

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    Director of Creative Development Ian Stearns and Associate Directors Keith Wooten and Franki De La Vega share about the stories they’re excited to tell. They discuss how Audible amplifies diverse voices through our original content and talent pipeline programs, such as the Audible Emerging Playwrights Fund.

  • Spectrum and Belonging

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    We celebrate and value all the glories of the human spectrum, in the same way that we celebrate the art of voice, unique perspectives, and storytelling. We’re encouraged to bring our full selves to work every day, knowing that our ideas and views will be respected and their power used to meaningfully transform the lives of our customers and communities.

Meet our teams

We’re inventors, storytellers, listeners, and problem-solvers. Discover how our teams are working at the cutting edge of technology and creativity to make Audible possible.

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Featured content

  • Aisha Glover Helps Audible Make an Impact in Cities Around the World

    Aisha Glover, Audible’s VP of Urban Innovation, brings an uncanny ability to connect people and opportunities to help the Global Center for Urban Development create and scale initiatives that drive equitable progress in cities around the world.

  • Mariana Martins Proves Data Science is Also for Artists

    Audible Senior Director of Marketing Analytics, Mariana Martins, built a career that uses all her passions, from statistics, to human behavior, to art. Now she’s modeling this inclusive, whole-self approach for others in data science and tech.

  • Audible Sound Bites with Kannan Ganesan

    Kannan Ganesan, a Software Development Engineer II (SDEII), collaborates with our tech team to enhance Audible’s playback experience. Whether an Audible Original, audiobook, or podcast, his work contributes to the smooth and seamless listening enjoyed by millions worldwide. This concrete impact is what makes Kannan and many of our SDEs excited to work here.

  • Leanne Cartwright-Bradford is Helping Audible Make a Splash in Asia-Pacific

    As Head of Asia-Pacific, Leanne Cartwright-Bradford has overseen many exciting milestones as we create and produce more multilingual content that spans cultures and countries.