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Taking technology to new heights

Prime Air is a flagship initiative for Amazon. We’re pioneering a cutting-edge delivery system using autonomous aerial vehicles—or drones—to achieve a target 30-minute journey time from warehouse to customer.

This pathbreaking initiative enhances the service we already provide by optimizing transportation of lightweight items over short distances. It’s a smarter, greener, safer, more efficient way to serve our high-density customer base. It also opens up exciting technological possibilities to keep Amazon at the forefront of the home delivery revolution.

Join our team

We have a diverse, talented team that’s committed to fostering a culture of inclusion aligned with Amazon’s overall focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you’re ambitious, motivated, and ready for new challenges, the sky’s the limit at Prime Air.

Look for vacancies in:

  • Technical—including drone maintenance, aviation engineering, software development, and data processing.
  • Operational—including IT, health and safety, risk management, quality control, and flight operations.
  • Support—including project management, product development, business support, and team leadership.

Meet Amazonians working in Prime Air



Amelia didn’t start out wanting to go into aerospace engineering, fact she was almost a violin performance major in undergrad. Once she started working on drone projects for her coursework, she was hooked.



Jamie is an operations buyer for the Prime Air Procurement team supporting strategic procurement efforts for Operational teams.



Eric leads Program Management and Business Operations in Prime Air, and was one of the early members of the Prime Air Team.



Trevor is a software development engineer specializing in embedded applications and firmware.

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