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Anuj K.

Senior Manager, Software Development

For Anuj K., working for Amazon means endless opportunity. “I’ve lived in India, Australia, Canada, and now I live in Seattle,” Anuj explains. “My wife and I will sometimes talk about ‘what’s next?’ and I tell her, ‘I work for Amazon. And that means we can go anywhere in the world.’” The opportunity to make a giant impact on the way people live and work attracted Anuj to the Alexa Smart Home team after working on other Amazon teams. “I truly believe that within a decade, every home will be a smart home,” he says. “From the Jetsons to Star Trek, we are making a lot of yesterday’s fiction come alive. Being able to pioneer a change this big is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”  

As a Senior Manager of Software Development on the Alexa Smart Home team, Anuj is enabling customers to interact with their smart home devices in natural and intuitive ways. “We are delivering smart home control experiences, which allow customers to simply say what they want and Alexa does the rest,” he says. Anuj uses Alexa at home for catching up with the news, listening to music, calling family and friends, and using features like the Jeopardy skill.

Outside of work, Anuj enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. Weekends involve brunch, watching movies and superhero TV shows, kayaking, and driving kids to coding competitions.

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