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Data Science

Our data scientists are the link between our business, customers and technology solutions. By modelling and transforming datasets, our data scientists provide valuable insights that help us to make decisions and build customer solutions.

Turning data into actionable insights

As a data scientist, you’ll work on challenging projects at a large scale with real life data. You define new metrics, build new tools, and work on machine learning solutions. You’ll help us deep dive needs of our customers so we can keep adapting to their demands and improving their experience.

Come join other talented minds who create a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. You’ll get the chance to apply and improve your knowledge with the latest tech. You’ll build an exciting career in an inclusive space, where you turn ideas into big achievements.

Voices of Amazonians

  • “You get access to impactful problems and resources for solving them, like data and computing infrastructure.”


    Principal Applied Scientist

  • “I get time to research ideas, come up with proposals, develop solutions, and innovate in my role.”


    Data Scientist

  • “I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Peers and mentors from diverse fields help me grow and give me different perspectives to the same problem.”


    Research Scientist

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