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Supply Chain and Transportation Management

Amazon is well-known for its impressive logistics network. Our supply chain and transportation teams play a crucial role, taking the lead in getting products to customers.

Connecting the world one delivery at a time

By joining our supply chain and transportation teams, you’ll get great pay, benefits, and chances to advance in your career. Whether driving trucks, training your team, or managing operations, you’ll always be on the move. Work in a dynamic space with the very latest tech, and be part of a team that’s committed to excellent customer experiences.

Roles in Supply Chain and Transportation Management

Transportation Associate

You’ll be able to drive trailers and other types of commercial vehicles and help us deliver items on time to millions of customers. Your tasks will also include coordinating yard activities and performing audits.

Transportation Area Manager

You’ll lead, support, and mentor a team of associates. You’ll make sure your team members have everything they need to be confident and motivated. You’ll manage safety, quality, and productivity to make sure we meet our customers’ needs.

Transportation Operations Manager

You’ll supervise and mentor a team of area managers. You’ll make sure safety, quality, and performance standards are met for your region. You’ll be responsible for strategic planning and implementing changes that meet the expectations of our customers.

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