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Power the cloud that protects the nation

The Amazon Dedicated Cloud (ADC) Infrastructure and Networking Operations teams are continuously innovating the design and capabilities of our data centers to support the Amazon Dedicated Cloud and bring secure, commercial-cloud technology to the U.S. Intelligence Community. We develop, deploy, and operate tools on air-gapped networks that enable a full-cloud environment at multiple classification levels. We give our government clients the technology they need to stay ahead of threats and keep our nation safe, and our security and compliance protocols make us the first choice for the most highly-regulated organizations in the world.

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More options, more opportunities

The global scale and scope of our work gives you more freedom to pursue your passion. Here are just a few of the career paths you can take at AWS.

  • Data Center Operations

    As a cleared professional on the Data Center Operations team, you’ll play a key role in solving problems and ensuring customer success. Partner with internal AWS experts and teams to deliver improved capacity for our customers’ critical missions, and expand your skills with leading-edge technology to make our services stronger, faster, and more secure.

    Our diverse team includes thought leaders from across professional, academic, and cultural sectors, so you’ll be in a collaborative and dynamic environment where you can think big, dive deep, and do work that makes a real difference every day.

  • Network Operations

    Networking owns the entire lifecycle - design, build, deployment, scaling, sustaining engineering, and operations - of our networks connecting between and within our data centers, interconnections to customer networks, and the solutions that enable remote access to these regions from secure operations facilities. Our work is essential to our existing customers’ missions, literally mission-critical for our own government. As a cleared professional in this role your work is essential to our U.S. Intelligence Community customers’ missions. You will leverage AWS network automation, tooling and designs to own and drive network availability to meet customer needs and scale.

  • Route 53

    Amazon Route 53 provides highly available and scalable global Domain Name System (DNS) which allows our US government customers to manage their air-gapped systems at scale through automated health checks, failovers, intelligent DNS routing, and 100% availability. Route 53 effectively connects end user requests to infrastructure running in AWS – such as Amazon EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers, or Amazon S3 buckets. As a cleared professional in this role, you’ll work on a critical Tier-0 service to ensure customers have a fast change propagation for DNS records and 100% uptime SLA. This will be executed through deploying software, troubleshooting software failures, and minimizing the need for human involvement through automation.

Make a difference with mission-critical expertise

AWS infrastructure is built like no other in the world, with continual iterations to deliver improved functionality, capability, and security for our government customers. Join our diverse global team and play a key role in delivering powerful cloud technology that makes the world safer – and take your career to the next level.

  • infraops-quote-jason_250x250.jpeg

    I enjoy solving problems and finding solutions, so the dynamic work environment on my team is engaging. The interesting day-to-day opportunities to get to the bottom of a technical issue or challenge what makes the job ideal.

    Jason KigerData Center Operations Technician
  • infraops-quote-will_250x250.jpeg

    Working for AWS lets me keep my clearance and continue to support cleared customers as a civilian. I didn’t want to move from contract to contract, I wanted to grow and develop professionally. AWS offers many career options and locations to choose from.

    Will FrederickData Center Engineering Operations Facility Manager
  • infraops-quote-matt_250x250.jpeg

    My team is a group of cool-headed and analytical thinkers. When trouble arises, we work backwards to identify and think through the problem so that we can deliver results for our customer the first time.

    Matt NofzingerData Center Engineering Operations Technician

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