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We specialize in what’s never been done

Annapurna Labs designs silicon and software that accelerates innovation. Customers choose us to create cloud solutions that solve challenges that were unimaginable a short time ago—even yesterday. Our custom chips, accelerators, and software stacks enable us to take on technical challenges that have never been seen before, and deliver results that help our customers change the world.

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We’re always glad to connect with talented people. Tell us a bit about what you want to do, and we’ll keep you posted on relevant roles and what we’re building at AWS.

We make great products even better

Whatever your expertise, Annapurna Labs empowers you to help build the next generation of cloud computing infrastructure. You’ll work in a fast-paced, innovative culture with the best people in our industry. You’ll join a diverse and collaborative team that specializes in anticipating and solving customer challenges. And you’ll get to grow your skills and follow your passion in a range of specializations.

Chip Design


Embedded Software

Packaging & Signal Integrity

System & Platform

Quality & Reliability

Physical Design

Power Design

Kernel Development

Design for Testing



Our power comes from our people

Innovation starts with our customers—identifying and solving their real-time challenges. We count on our diverse team of specialists to deliver the ideas and expertise that help our customers grow.

AWS Annapurna builder Hani is featured in a photo collage that includes three images.

Make an impact

“The scale of our work is mind-boggling. Wearing many hats, and wearing them all well, is both challenging and exciting. We deliver outstanding services to our customers while thinking big and innovating on their behalf.”

Hani Ayoub, Boston, MA

Build your network

“Every day at work, we learn new things. It can be through team code reviews, educational presentations on improving our skills, or about the chip components themselves. I also learn a great deal through interactions with my team.”

Gefen Margolin, Haifa, Israel

AWS Annapurna builder Gefen is featured in a three-image collage.
A photo collage featuring Brian, an Annapurna Labs builder.

Reinvent what's possible

Annapurna is a mix of small-company drive and execution mixed with large-company resources and experience. When we look for novel solutions for a customer, our leadership team puts some muscle behind our requests.”

Brian Silver, Austin, TX

Products that make an impact

Our customers are our first priority. Check out how these Annapurna Labs products are supporting millions of customers every day.

  • *

    AWS Graviton processor

    • ~40%

      better price performance over comparable current generation x86-based instance for a broad spectrum of workloads.
    • ~60%

      less energy for the same performance than comparable EC2 instances.
    • Billions+

      of computer hours used countless satisfied customers.
  • *

    AWS Nitro system

    • 400 Gbps

      maximum EC2 instance performance available with up to 60% packet rate using latest generation Nitro card.
    • 600+

      instances types for virtually every business need powered by Nitro system building blocks in five years.
    • 10+

      different cloud functions like hypervisor, networking, storage, and security on one card.
  • *

    AWS Machine Learning

    • 2.3X

      higher throughput and 70% lower cost per instance for AWS Inferentia than comparable EC2 instance.
    • 6+ ExaFLOPS

      of distributed ML Training compute power delivered by 30k AWS Trainium accelerators leveraging Elastic Fabric Adaptor specially designed for HPC/ML workloads.
    • 1000+

      customers using AWS Neuron to unlock high performance and cost-effective deep learning acceleration.
AWS Annapurna builder Shruthi and her family featured in a three-image collage.

Accelerate your success

“It ‘s always exciting to build and deliver highly impactful software that influences millions of people. When I joined this team, I was amazed to see how much this small group had achieved in a very short time of the product’s life cycle. The bar was already set very high.”

Shruthi Hebbur Prasanna Kumar, Cupertino, CA

Extend your skills

“I love the daily challenges we face at Annapurna Labs. On one hand, we work on cutting-edge technology and issues nobody has seen before. On the other, we support massive numbers of systems. It’s like working as a start-up inside a big company.”

Ilan Berger, Haifa, Israel

AWS Annapurna builder Ilan is featured in a three-image collage.
AWS Annapurna builder Anna is featured in a three-image collage.

Build the future

“My favorite part of the job is also the most challenging—focusing on innovation, pushing technology to its limits and beyond, and developing products that will be technologically meaningful for years to come.”

Anna Rom-Saksonov, Tel Aviv, Israel

This is where you belong

You get to choose where you work. Here are a few reasons to choose Annapurna.