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Alexa and Echo Devices

Alexa is one of the most advanced applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world. In 2015, Amazon launched the first Echo smart speaker with Alexa. Today, there are hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices across the globe, and people are using them billions of times each week.

Alexa, can I innovate with you?

Our teams are on a mission to make Alexa available to everyone, everywhere, at any time. We began with Amazon Echo, a device designed entirely around your voice. We then added a wide range of smart home devices, from speakers to displays to accessories. There are now more than 140,000 Alexa-compatible smart home products. We’re not stopping there.

We work on behalf of our customers to create experiences that can be shared across the world. We continue to create products with Alexa built in. We’re making it easy for device makers, auto manufacturers, content providers, and businesses to bring Alexa to their customers.

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