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Devices Hardware and eero

Our mission is to build products that improve people’s lives. As a member of our Devices Hardware team, you’ll work with bright, passionate people to develop products that make a difference.

Developing next-generation products

One of our latest endeavors is eero. Our designers and engineers set out to re-imagine how customers experience wifi. The vision was to deliver the perfect internet experience for everyone, in every home, on every device. We created a product that’s easy to set up and blankets your home in mesh wifi. With an eero mesh system, multiple eeros work together to send connection in every direction, and they adapt to your home for the best performance.

We aren’t stopping there. Imagine if everything from home automation to health monitoring could tap into the connectivity provided by eero. Not everything has to be smart, as long as it’s connected to something that is.

What will you create?

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Learn more about working with Hardware and eero

  • If it’s related to Amazon products, we test it.

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    Inside Amazon’s reliability lab, which ensures Echo, Kindle, and other devices are built to last.

  • Meet the all-new eero 6 mesh wifi systems.

    Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering with a connection that doesn’t slow you down, even as you add more devices.

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