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Worldwide Amazon Stores Finance

Make it possible

As Worldwide Amazon Stores’ financial partners, we lead decision support, planning, analysis, and reporting for the customer-obsessed team behind

Amazon Stores is comprised of more than 35 businesses delivering an array of products and services, from piloting the use of drones in Prime Air, innovating fashion technology in Retail, finding and amplifying the next household author brand within Amazon Books, and securing our customers’ data with Selling Partner Services.

Our Finance team’s goal is to partner with these businesses to plan, analyze, measure, and grow our global business. We contribute to business decisions by providing insightful analysis of all metrics and processes, inventing ones where needed, and simplifying and automating whenever possible.

We methodically establish, evaluate, and improve end-to-end processes, financial controls, and capital investment. Our work allows our businesses to go ‘beyond the box’ and drive challenging, cutting-edge projects that make a difference for customers.

Our pillars

Growth and Profitability

Our team members are embedded in the businesses they support, and we helping our business partners identify and deliver against opportunities to drive profitable growth.

Governance and Controllership

We build and maintain reporting and analysis that help us identify business risks, partner with accounting to ensure accurate financial management, and oversee compliance for internal controls.

Planning and Reporting

We’re responsible for building timely, accurate, and actionable standard financial reporting, improving forecast accuracy, and producing insightful ad hoc analysis and reporting flexibility.

Our employees

We operate in more than 30 countries, with our finance professionals serving in the field in fulfillment and sort centers, in corporate offices, and in tech roles.

Employees are at the heart of everything we do. We obsess over employees so they can obsess over customers. We prioritize the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of employees through initiatives like our Black Leaders Network, Women’s Leadership Program, Career Week, and Skillsets of the Future annual trainings.



Caroline grew up in the same zip code as our West Coast headquarters and has watched Amazon’s growth in Seattle.



Marvin has been working as an SDE on the Operations Finance team in Vancouver since 2019. He has grown with his team and has continued to learn and evolve.

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