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Making products available to customers worldwide

The Translation Services Operations team ensures millions of products are available to customers all around the globe.

Our core mission is to help customers make a purchasing decision by offering them all relevant information about a product in their preferred language and by ensuring that human and machine-generated translations meet the right level of quality.

We’re based in several locations. Our multicultural team is made up of highly skilled language professionals, including linguists, project managers, vendor managers, and program managers who contribute to the expansion of the product selection on our international platforms.

If your background is in localization, you’ll have the chance to work on quality assessment and collaborate with machine learning teams, as well as acquire program management skills.

Meet some of our team members



I’m a senior translation specialist and lead linguist for Italian. In my daily work, I make sure the translation quality for my marketplace meets our high standards. I act as a point of contact for several linguistic queries, and I also work on hiring, training, and mentoring projects.



As a localization project manager, I’m responsible for managing localization projects for a variety of internal clients in several language combinations. This exciting role gives me the opportunity to use my experience in the localization field, grow and develop new skills, and work with many stakeholders on inspiring initiatives.



I work as a localization vendor manager. My core task is to hire and onboard freelance translators of any language pairs across the globe according to our clients needs. My daily work also involves interacting with freelance translators and clients regarding their queries.

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I started at Amazon as a translation specialist and have moved through different roles, first as a program manager and now people manager. The constant learning, variety of work, and team diversity motivate me to stay here. As a manager it’s been amazing to witness the growth of my reports and know that my support has influenced them to develop in their careers.



As a localization project manager, I share feedback to freelancers and agencies, analyze and process translation disputes, and assist with translation concerns for customers. As a training and mentoring team lead, I drive and support learning and development initiatives across my organization. I also coordinate and lead training and mentoring for project managers and other internal stakeholders.

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