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Working at Amazon provides the opportunity to accelerate your growth by working on challenging projects with talented teams. The scope and scale of what we strive to do for our customers will drive you to experiment, take risks, learn quickly, and look for ways to accomplish more with less. These challenges breed resourcefulness and invention, which enable us to create products and services that transform the way people live their lives.

Are you excited to embrace the challenge? Come build the future with us.


We hire for a variety of roles across the company throughout the year. Before you apply, review the job description carefully to ensure the role aligns with your academic focus and interests. Once you’ve applied, you can access your application and review your status any time using Amazon’s candidate portal. Please note, the portal may look different depending on the role you’ve applied for; however, your dashboard will always reflect the most up-to-date information so look out for application status changes there.

Amazon’s interview process can differ by position and a growing number of our roles use assessments as one way to help us get to know you better. We also use them as a tool to determine how your experiences relate to the position, our culture, and Leadership Principles. If the role you are interested in requires an assessment, we will provide you with additional details to help guide you, as the type and number of assessments varies by position. After completing the assessment, we may invite you for a virtual, phone, or in-person interview. Depending on the role, we may also ask you to write code, share a portfolio, or provide examples of your work in another way. If the position requires any of these, your recruiting point of contact will let you know.

Keep in mind that while assessments are often the starting point to learn more about you, the process can vary across teams, and we seek people who can embrace a high degree of ambiguity.

Here are the ways we get to know you.


Pro tip: To help you prepare for assessments, our interview process, and learn about our culture, visit Interviewing at Amazon.

We’re currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and will have two new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and New York City, along with an Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville, TN. We also have office locations around the world that are uniquely designed to represent a part of Amazon. Most include game rooms, themed community spaces, and peculiar things such as door desks to help bring our culture to life. In many locations you can also find seasonal farmers markets, employee exclusive events, and opportunities to take part in beta testing unreleased Amazon products.

Your location depends on the type of role and team needs. For instance, some business teams may only have available roles in specific cities, while technical and operational teams often have openings in multiple locations. However, no matter where you work at Amazon, we will provide you with the tools needed to own your career, make an impact, and create solutions to delight customers.

Pro tip: job descriptions will let you know if a position is available in more than one location and we often consider your application for all cities listed.


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