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Project/Programme/Product Management--NON-TECH


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Planning goals and keeping focus

Any Amazonian can tell you that we move fast. The only way that’s possible is to have some of the world’s best planners. Our Project, Program, & Product Managers work to help our teams set realistic goals, and then keep everything focused on those goals until the finish line. We make things simpler and easier for customers and people inside the business by analysing and driving accurate policies and processes. Underpinning that is a suite of editorial, process-orientated, technical, project management and programme management services. We also create and manage content that is seen and used by our customers and our Customer Service teams – everything from help pages and email templates to policy statements. And we deliver all the programmes and projects to do with the Customer Service strategy.

Who we look for

Experienced Project Managers who know how to influence at all levels of the business. Not only will you need to think big, you must also be highly flexible in your approach and driven by results. Attention to detail and analytical skills are key to success in this department; particularly as they’ll help you win the trust of others.

Typical roles

Some of our Project, Program, & Product Management positions include Project Specialist, Project Manager, Program Manager, Senior Program Manager and Technical Program Manager.

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