Retail Category Management: Grocery, Household & Personal Goods

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Amazon’s Consumer Packaged Good Business

Consumables, Amazon’s business group dedicated to consumer packaged goods, is creating shopping experiences that are helping to change the way that customers think about the things they purchase most frequently, including groceries and health and beauty items. We drive business growth and innovation related to the online sale of everything from dog food to doorstops and razors to raisins. Our teams ensure vast product selection and create trusted, convenient shopping experiences.

We take our inspiration from the early days of Amazon. Back in 1995, Amazon realised there was an opportunity to change the retail book industry. Today, we strive to have a similarly profound impact on consumables. From designing our own line of delicious snacks to opening up supply-chain insights with the transparency of Amazon Elements to making it easy for customers to find the products they need, we are developing products and customer experiences that have the potential to significantly change how people shop.

Our business and technical teams are made up of smart, entrepreneurial builders who get excited about delivering work that has a direct and measurable impact on customers who shop on We are consistently challenged by the scale and pace of Amazon, as well as the opportunity to learn from each other as we drive our business forward – building programmes and technologies that enhance the lives of our customers.

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