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Transforming the Way India Buys and Sells

Want to experience what it feels like to impact the lives of billions of people? The Team is building the most trusted shopping experience in India and we’re looking for dynamic people to join us.

Our mission is to build web-based and mobile experiences for sellers, buyers and customers in India. At a strategic level, the team is instrumental in designing products, defining key product features and engineering unique solutions that are instrumental to the success of our business in India. We are transforming the way India buys and sells and our philosophy of working backwards from our customers is what drives our growth and success. Just 4 years after launching our India operations, we have expanded our offering to over 100 million products across hundreds of categories.

We are rethinking e-commerce from an India-first perspective and are solving unique problems such as organising India’s sellers and selection, regional discovery, mobile access across patchy networks and on low-end devices, friction-free and highly reliable payments, ultra-fast delivery for hyper-local commerce (orders placed with sellers from the local area), advertising and more. Our engineers manage the consumer and seller experience for Amazon India, leverage machine learning, AWS and big data and build and operate full-stack products and services.

We will continue to strive to become a trusted and meaningful sales and logistics channel for retailers of all sizes across India and a fast, reliable and convenient online shopping destination for consumers. For us, it is always “Day 1” and we are committed to aggressively investing over the long-term and relentlessly focusing on raising the customer-experience bar in India.

This is a great opportunity to invent in order to solve unique, unsolved problems on a massive scale, be part of a dynamic and fast-growing area of Amazon’s global business and experience a start-up culture within a large organisation.

We provide the opportunity to work with extremely talented individuals who thrive on relentless innovation, cutting-edge technologies and have a deep understanding of e-commerce. Your ideas and work will directly impact our ecosystem of sellers, buyers and customers and you will play a pivotal role in driving the success of in a promising emerging market.

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