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At Amazon, we have a unique culture built on pioneering into unknown and new frontiers. After selling the first book in 1995, we have grown at an incredible rate and strive to be the universe’s most customer centric company. By hiring those that take risks and find fulfillment through making the impossible commonplace, Amazon cultivates innovation. We are looking for students who are leaders with the ability to motivate, mentor, and engage, as well as those who will have ideas on how to improve our processes and who aren’t afraid to Think Big. We have a multitude of student opportunities across businesses and we’re eager to help you find the right one!
Corporate role offerings at Amazon range from rotations in retail teams, working across areas such as buying, inventory management and online marketing, to finance and accounting roles, to sales and talent acquisition positions. All are great launching points to develop a deep understanding of the e-commerce industry and grow analytical and problem-solving skills, while driving a piece of Amazon’s business. Whatever the role, recent graduates will be an integral part to the company’s overall growth.  
Within our fulfillment network, Amazon is looking for passionate leaders to support our vast and intricate network of fulfillment operations centers across the world. Our operations goal is to offer the world’s greatest selection of products and services with the world’s best customer service. Join us in this exciting goal into a role in HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Area Management, Facilities, Safety and more! Within these roles, you will have the unrivaled experience of digging into an established business, mentoring and coaching teams of associates, and leading vital process improvement projects. Visit us here for more information on our fulfillment network opportunities.

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