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Workplace Health and Safety

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Making safety a culture, not just a priority

Making sure our people are well at work, both physically and mentally, is key to keeping our fulfillment centers running smoothly. Our dedicated Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) team puts in the work to mitigate potential risks and ensure employee safety is not only prioritized, but part of daily culture.

Being Earth’s best employer requires us to think outside the box and raise the bar when it comes to health and safety. We’re looking for innovative leaders to champion a safe workplace culture and make a positive impact on behalf of our employees. As a member of WHS, you’ll collaborate with departments across the fulfillment center on everything from material handling to ergonomics. With dozens of career paths to choose from, we empower you to choose your journey. You’ll be the driver’s seat, equipped with internal mobility programs to help you tailor your career to your unique interests and expertise.

Be part of shaping best-in-class health and safety policies at a global scale. Join us, and unbox your AMAZing today.

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We’re building a system that can have a direct positive impact on our employees around the world. Our team has professionals at all career levels. By joining us, you’ll have a chance to develop your skills.  

We check all of our operations and plan for every possible event. Here, you’ll put in place programs to prevent injuries, damage, and loss. You'll also manage assets and supervise teams.


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WHS Coordinator

You’ll give advice and training on procedures and legal issues. You’ll help with risk assessments and incident investigations, look for causes, and set action plans.

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WHS Specialist

You’ll put into practice our safety standards, and you'll lead projects to raise safety awareness. You’ll act as a proxy for managers and coach teams of coordinators.

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WHS Manager

Your mission is to ensure our associates work in a safe and healthy place by making continuous improvements. You’ll manage a local team of up to six members and report to Operations leaders.

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Health Manager

You’ll focus on the well-being of our colleagues. You’ll oversee a team of health coordinators, advisors, and physiotherapists. You’ll also manage partnerships with doctors and paramedics and work on health projects across our network.

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Occupational Nurse

You’ll be part of the local medical team and give first aid on-site. You’ll provide training on prevention and check for risks. You’ll also watch the health of employees working on the floor, making sure they are fit to do their tasks.

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Occupational Doctor

Our doctors are the main medical practitioners on our teams, and they supervise all medical tasks. In this role, you’ll perform and certify medical checks and work with local authorities on work accidents. You’ll engage with senior management by reporting trends in key risk areas.

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"I wouldn't have worked here for 10 years if I didn't love it."


"My work is a great mix of robotics, machine learning, and behavioral science."


"Safety is central to our business and is at the forefront of everything we do."

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