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Business Intelligence


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Sharpening the cutting edge of our business

At Amazon, we understand the vital role that data plays in our world-class customer service and operations. And we believe that the best way to achieve this is to employ the most talented minds in the business.

Our team tracks the whole Amazon customer journey, from search through purchase, to despatch and feedback. This gives us unique insights into our customers’ habits and preferences, so we can continue to improve and innovate on their behalf.

We work with other teams across the company to design the software and platforms that keep us at the cutting edge of everything we do. We spot product trends, find solutions to pain points, and develop tools that smooth our fulfillment processes and boost our data protection. You’ll be joining a team whose dials are all set to the future.

Roles within the Business Intelligence field include the likes of:

•    Economist
•    Data Analyst
•    Data Engineer
•    BI Engineer
•    Business Analyst
•    Customer Insight Analyst
•    Statistician


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