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Creating experiences that delight and empower our customers

Our focus on the customer makes Amazon a great place for designers to stretch their creative skills, and play a role in improving the lives of millions. We take a design-first approach to our work, and embed a strong design ethos into each of our products and services.

Our design process begins and ends with the customer. Our teams of researchers work to understand our customers’ needs and the ways we could improve their experience. Our designers rely on these insights to craft intuitive, empathetic and functional products that wow our customers. We then keep on iterating, listening to our users, and ensuring that our designs evolve to meet emerging needs.

But for us, design has an even bigger role to play in the future of our society and our planet. We believe that through a design-led approach, we can play a leading role in building an ethical, fair and sustainable future for our world. With this in mind, our designers have an important voice as we define our strategies for the future.

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Meet Amy M.

Amy's role as the design manager for the Alexa Personality Team is a culmination of her multitude of experience and education in theatre.

Meet Jon M.

Jon, Senior Design Technologist for Amazon Search, is a photography and music aficionado.

Open to Interpretation

How an Amazon designer turned his disability into an advantage.

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