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Leading strategic decision-making with data and technology

Smart decision-making has taken Amazon from a garage-based startup to a leader in the technology, retail and content industries. As the company has grown, so has the need for sophisticated approaches and systems for answering business questions. Economists partner with business, engineering, finance, and science leaders to apply scientific techniques and develop complex, large-scale models that address key business problems faced across Amazon’s many organizations, including retail, cloud computing, search, Kindle, streaming video and operations. Whether your background is in applied micro, applied macro/time series, empirical IO, theoretical econometrics, or another specialty area, there are questions to which you can apply your training, and an abundance of data to leverage. We have roles within the Central Economics Team as well as embedded within business organizations. Regardless of where you work at Amazon, you’ll collaborate with Chief Economist Pat Bajari and a large community of talented PhD economists to address some of the most challenging projects in tech and ecommerce.

At Amazon, you’ll have the opportunity to take your skills and apply them directly to the business with large and immediate business impacts – and never struggle to source high quality data for your analysis again.

Learn more about Amazon’s approach to customer-obsessed science on the Amazon Science website, which features the latest news and research from scientists across the company. It’s where you can find information about the conferences we sponsor, the institutions we collaborate with, our awards program, career opportunities, challenges, and more. For the latest updates, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and follow Amazon Science on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Economists at Amazon

Economists at Amazon

When you operate at the scale of Amazon, even small changes can yield big results.

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