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Leadership Development & Training


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Aiming high at Amazon

We believe that every Amazon employee is a leader. We also believe that there’s no limit to learning. So, when you join Amazon, you’re already on an upward path. 

Our team builds the programs, classes and tools to help employees across the globe to achieve their goals. We help individuals to develop the leadership skills they need to keep ahead in today’s fast-moving workplace. 

We’re looking for those that are deeply curious, who are great problem solvers, and who love to take on new challenges. While you’re busy helping others to take their performance to the next level, you’ll make strides to further your own ambitions – no matter how high you’re aiming.

Roles within Leadership Development and Training include:

•    Technical Trainer
•    Technical Curriculum Developer
•    Instructional Designer
•    Sales Trainer
•    IT Trainer
•    Learning and Development Manager


“Having started businesses on my own in the past, I know that the best way to learn a business is to work your way up from the bottom. The only training program that I was truly excited about was Amazon.”
Fulfillment Center Senior Operations Manager

“The idea of leading groups of tens to hundreds of people is not an opportunity, it’s an expectation, so you have to seize that role as a leader—and that’s one of the most exciting things about working at Amazon.”
Fulfillment Center General Manager


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