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Medical, Health, & Safety


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Keeping everyone safe and healthy

Our warehouses are busy hubs where hundreds of smart machines and associates come together to process millions of orders each year. Our health and safety team takes care of our employees’ wellbeing by providing sufficient tools and support.

You’ll be right where the action is: walking around our warehouses, checking that our staff are staying safe. You’ll keep an eye on every detail and make any corrections. You’ll be in direct contact with each associate, to understand their needs, and ensure their expectations are met.

If you thrive in a dynamic atmosphere, this is the right place for you. There will be plenty of complex and exciting problems to solve. And with each one of them, you’ll learn and grow.

Roles in Medical, Health & Safety
We typically have vacancies for the following roles:

  • Safety Specialist - You’ll promote a positive culture and maintain a safe work environment by complying with our standards. You’ll also conduct trainings and coach our associates.
  • Medical Representative - You’ll evaluate and provide first aid to our associates. You’ll also advise them on occupational health and ergonomics.
  • Safety Engineer - You’ll inspect our equipment according to safety standards. You’ll also identify the improvements that may be needed, to further bolster our safety levels.
  • Safety Manager - You’ll partner with the operations teams to execute our health and safety policies. You’ll lead improvement initiatives to reduce risks and promote safety and health.

“My job is very fulfilling because I love engaging with the associates. The best part is making sure everyone goes home safely as they came in.”
Tremicka W.
WHS Specialist

“Being a leader here is inspiring. It allows you to grow in your role, but also allows you to develop others to reach their potential.”
Laura F.
WHS Regional Manager


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