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Learning Associate

Job ID: 2579908 | Afaq - Warehouse Branch


The Learning Associate/Trainer is responsible for the coordination and execution of training for all process paths in the Sort Center. Trainers evaluate and refine processes and techniques to improve learning effectiveness and production across all departments in the building. The Trainer assists in driving the success training plans and supporting the needs of the Fulfilment Center workforce.

Key job responsibilities
· Willing to work flexible schedules/shifts
· Act as a supervisor for Instructors and Peer Trainers with new hires
· Deliver Instructor training, observation and coaching to the MENA Standard
· Ensure training records are kept up to date through the console
· Ensure MENA training materials are kept and delivered against MENA standard and provide a positive learning experience
· Use and analyze data on a daily basis to improve NH learning experience
· Feedback to Instructors and Peer Trainers on their delivery and new hire (NH) groups performance
· Organize (Instructors assignment) and monitor cross training for the operations to support peak skill requirements
· Work with operations on a skill matrix to highlight gaps for critical role training
· Support operations with the delivery of critical role training
· Improve processes from gathering feedback and analyzing data
· Support the recruitment of Instructors and Peer Trainers
· Attend meetings when required and provide information required
· Work in partnership with the agency managers to improve new hire performance
· Support MENA level projects with feedback and improvements

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Jeddah, SAU


- 1+ years of Microsoft Office products and applications experience
- Work a flexible schedule/shift/work area, including weekends, nights, and/or holidays
- Work 40 hours/week, and overtime as required
- Able to work independently and autonomously
- Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
- Interpersonal Skills and Composure (networking skills)
- Well-honed communications skills, including presentation skills
- Well-developed observational and analytical skills
- Able to deliver feedback, coaching and deliver training
- Effective time management and team work
- Experience using all MS packages, such as Word, Excel, and Power Point
- Problem Solving
- Proficient English (fluent English is required) in reading & writing
- Needs to speak and write the local language “correctly” as a requirement.
- Sense of confidentiality
- Instructor experience (internal candidates)
- Process knowledge (internal candidates) Eligibility Criteria if internal:
- Must not having any live warnings or letters of concern
- Self - motivated


- Manage multiple competing priorities
- Demonstrates a methodical approach in tasks
- A basic understanding of project management
- Shows a drive for improvement of learning and design processes
- Possess good analytical skills
- Trainer or Learning Assistant experience