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Our mission is to make AWS the safest computing service in the world. We do this by building services and tools that our customers use to get cryptography right, and by making it easy for them to deploy encryption everywhere. We are also the stewards of cryptography at Amazon, and we are prescriptive about its use. Our scale and expertise allows us to provide our customers with a suite of tools and services that secure their data far more effectively within AWS than what they can achieve on premises.

Customer trust is paramount to our services. Trust is hard to earn, and easy to lose. While all AWS Service teams must treat security as a top priority, we set the bar even higher for our services. As we work to fulfill our mission, we take meticulous care in development and operations, prioritizing security, durability, availability, and scalability at the highest levels. We have learned that establishing trust in this space, especially with sophisticated customers, requires appropriate transparency for how our services work.

We enable customers to store, manage, and safely use encryption keys and manage SSL/TLS certificates. Our AWS Encryption SDK allows customers to implement client-side encryption in their applications.  We provide design reviews and integration support in the use of our tools. We are the cryptographic experts in AWS.  We design, and analyze the use of, cryptographic algorithms.  We develop core implementations of existing and emerging cryptographic algorithms for cloud-scale usage.   We administer the AWS Cryptography Bar Raisers, an AWS-wide resource for ensuring use of cryptographic algorithms receives adequate review.  We interface with the global cryptographic community through participation in international conferences, the open literature and standards organizations with a goal of influencing the adoption of quantum-safe cloud-scale cryptographic technology.

At AWS Cryptography, we are looking for bar raising talent with diverse backgrounds who want to build the most secure services in AWS. If you’re an innovator, an owner, and a builder, we have a place for you. Even if you aren’t trained in cryptography, your passion for security will make you a great fit for our team. We will teach you the crypto. Roles are open for Software Development Engineers, Technical Program Managers, Security Engineers, Product Managers, Software Development Managers, and more.

Within AWS Cryptography, you will have the opportunity to innovate and build products that directly affect our customers, both internal and external, and are core to all AWS Services. You will work on a diverse, international team with enthusiastic leadership and support, and you will own the complete software development lifecycle; defining, prioritizing, designing, implementing, and testing new features for AWS Cryptography. You will operate an AWS business with globally distributed servers and customers. Finally, you will have access to an almost endless supply of baked goods and snacks and fun.

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