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We’re designing products that improve digital advertising — for customers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We design products that improve digital advertising – for shoppers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We’re an organization of designers, writers, and researchers. We own the end-to-end user experience for Amazon Advertising, from the tools advertisers use to plan their campaigns, to the creative formats shoppers see on our sites and devices. We create solutions for advertisers and shoppers of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities, obsessing every day over giving each customer a great experience. We make sure those experiences can scale to help advertisers on Amazon reach millions of customers across multiple platforms, around the world.

What we work on

Tools for advertisers

Our UX team designs planning, management, and reporting tools that make the complex seem simple, enabling advertisers to run high-volume ad campaigns with the click of a mouse. We’re committed to distilling diverse user needs into experiences that balance efficiency with robust utility. Our solutions enable agencies and brands both large and small to connect with their customers—globally and at scale—where they shop, read, watch videos, and share online.

Ad product design

From dynamic banner ads to intricate sponsored shopping experiences—our UX designers innovate, prototype, test, and scale new forms of advertising across Amazon retail properties, mobile devices, and Fire TV. We strive to make advertising relevant, inclusive, and delightful. Our ad products inspire shoppers to explore and discover new brands, products, and services. Our creative authoring tools empower brands of all sizes to connect with new customers.

User research

Our user researchers help uncover the unknown in the ever-changing advertising business; learning about our diverse customers, applying and teaching Amazon’s “Working Backwards” process, identifying new opportunities, and improving our products through testing. They champion the user experience in every stage of the product lifecycle: from discovery and design to deployment.

Diversity and inclusion in advertising

The shoppers and advertisers we serve are a global community with an incredible diversity of perspectives, experiences, and needs. We collaborate every day with Amazon product and engineering teams around the world. As an organization, the Advertising UX team is committed to inclusive design practices, education, and building a diverse team where employees from all backgrounds can be successful.

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Where we work

Amazon Doppler (Seattle) - map
Amazon Serendipity (New York City) - map

Some of us work remotely, but for the most part we’re concentrated in two office towers in Seattle and New York City. The Doppler tower is in the core of Amazon’s downtown Seattle campus, across the street from the Spheres. The Serendipity building at Five Manhattan West houses the Amazon Advertising team in New York.

Amazon Advertising in the news

Amazon’s ads business is generating nearly $7 billion a quarter, and growth is accelerating

CNBC - April 29, 2021

“Amazon’s “Other” unit, which is primarily made up of advertising but also includes sales related to its other service offerings, brought in more than $6.9 billion in the first quarter, growing 77% year over year.”

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Amazon Marketing Cloud Enters Advanced Beta Testing

AdWeek - January 6, 2021

“[Amazon Marketing Cloud] aims to better help marketers accurately measure how their ads perform across different channels, including how they impact awareness, lift, preference and, ultimately, whether or not they lead to sales.”

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Amazon launches a program to pay consumers for their data on non-Amazon purchases

TechCrunch - October 20, 2020

“Program participants will take advantage of the newly launched Amazon Shopper Panel mobile app on iOS and Android to take pictures of paper receipts that qualify or they can opt to forward emailed receipts … to earn a $10 reward that can then be applied to their Amazon Balance or used as a charitable donation.”

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