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Accelerate your career with the Amazon Finance Rotation Program (AFRP)

Get a head start to an exciting career. AFRPs are undergraduate candidates who are full-time employees in Finance & Global Business Services (FGBS), and are the key finance partner to their team. The AFRP has four unique tracks: Accounting, Business Unit Finance, Operations Finance Rotation Program (OFRP), and Treasury Rotation Program. Regardless of track, all AFRPs have an extended orientation where we build their understanding of Amazon businesses and the unique concepts in Amazon FGBS. This includes mentoring and support from more tenured participants and alumni. AFRPs rotate at least three times to provide them with a breadth of experience, and network to help them grow into successful financial analysts. Support is provided to help participants surface opportunities, connect with hiring managers, and transition successfully.


The program is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of senior FGBS leaders from each of our business areas. These leaders regularly review participant performance and advancement, ensuring consistent growth and development opportunities are available. Throughout the program, AFRPs interact with FGBS leadership all the way up to the CFO.


Accounting: This is a Seattle based track where participants move through both Central Line, and Business-line Accounting during their three rotations. Participants are immediately exposed to financial reporting, month-end close, internal controls, analytics, technical accounting, and new business launches. Perfecting these accounting skills, allows participants to take on larger projects, and make a lasting impact in their future rotations.


Business Unit Finance: This is also a Seattle based track where participants will rotate through four key Amazon business organizations: AWS, Consumer, Devices, and Operations. As participants move through the unique business organizations, they are able to leverage their knowledge from one rotation to bring fresh ideas to their next rotation, and make a global impact.


Operations Finance Rotation Program: This track has participants located across the US supporting our North America Fulfillment Center network. In the OFRP, participants spend their first year in a Fulfillment Center (FC) supporting site finance, and learning the business from the ground up. They later go on supporting central roles that focus on other elements in the supply chain (e.g. Amazon Air, AMZL, SCOT). Moving into this role allows participants the opportunity to have a firsthand impact and leverage their knowledge from the FC as they begin to look more holistically at the our Amazon Supply Chain.


Treasury Rotation Program: This is a Seattle based track where participants will either rotate through Treasury or Global Risk Management. Treasury candidates will learn cash management, how to trade FX and fixed income, and how to fund the global Amazon business. Global Risk Management candidates will learn how corporations financially protect and insure their interests by rotating through our Corporate Insurance, Captive Insurance, and Insurance Finance teams. TRP offers the opportunity for accelerated career growth and prepares participants to be ready for financial leadership positions supporting one of our Treasury or Global Risk Management teams.


Internships: The primary pipeline for the full-time AFRP is our internship program. Interns have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities through a functional or project-based 10 -12 week summer internship. In this program, they interact with full-time participants, learn about Amazon career opportunities in FGBS, and see how rewarding it can be to work with us.