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Economists at Amazon are solving some of the most challenging applied economics questions in the tech sector. Amazon economists apply the frontier of economic thinking to market design, pricing, forecasting, program evaluation, online advertising and other areas. Our economists build econometric models using our world class data systems, and apply economic theory to solve business problems in a fast moving environment. A career at Amazon affords economists the opportunity to work with data of unparalleled quality, apply rigorous applied econometric approaches, and work with some of the most talented applied econometricians in the trade.

We have roles within the Central Economics Team as well as embedded within business organizations. Regardless of where you work at Amazon, you'll collaborate with Chief Economists Pat Bajari, Phillip Leslie, Igal Hendel, Matt Taddy, and a large community of extremely talented PhD economists to address some of the most challenging problems in tech and ecommerce.

Learn more about Amazon’s approach to customer-obsessed science on the Amazon Science website, which features the latest news and research from scientists across the company. It’s where you can find information about the conferences we sponsor, the institutions we collaborate with, our awards program, career opportunities, challenges, and more. For the latest updates, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and follow Amazon Science on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Economist Highlights

Howard University recently announced that it will host the American Economic Association Summer Training and Scholarship Program (AEASP) “in support of increasing the pipeline of underrepresented minority economists.” The program will be hosted at Howard for the next five years, and Amazon is sponsoring next summer’s program. Amazon first began discussions with Howard University about sponsoring AEASP about two years ago. The program, which aims to prepare “talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in economics and related disciplines,” will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024 at Howard.

Check out a recent blog post from an Amazon Economist: "Why a lack of diversity hurts economics and economists"

Today, on the Amazon Science website, they featured economist Muthoni Ngatia as part of the ‘Working at Amazon’ series.

Ngatia discusses how growing up in Kenya taught her valuable lessons about human ingenuity, and the outsized influence of scarce resources; she also explains how her mother’s innovative drive and entrepreneurial spirit provided an early childhood lesson on the importance of access to capital. Read the full interview here: Meet Muthoni Ngatia


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How to Prepare for Your Economist Interview at Amazon

How to Prepare for Your Economist Interview at Amazon