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Active & Transitioning Service Members:

Amazon’s Military SkillBridge Program: For active duty service members 180 days from leaving service. To learn more, visit the DOD Skill Bridge site.

Apprenticeship: Participate in an apprenticeship to learn and develop skills in high demand technology roles. Formal training followed by paid On the Job cloud technology training at Amazon.

Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Management training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. Active duty service members are matched with Amazon based on their skills and preferences for a 12 week internship program.

Delivery Service Partner Program: The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) Program provides an opportunity for leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, including transitioning service members, veterans, and military family members, to own and operate their own package delivery business. This opportunity is ideal for those who are customer-obsessed, passionate about coaching and building teams, and are comfortable in a fast-paced environment. DSP owners are responsible for hiring, training, developing, and retaining a team of 40-100 high-performing, safety-focused delivery associates.

Amazon is currently hiring transitioning veterans and military spouses for hourly positions across the country. These entry-level fulfillment positions do not require a resume or college degree and can be a great way to get your foot-in-the-door at Amazon. With upward mobility and upskilling opportunities, they can be a valuable tool in your military transition. Visit our website to learn more or get alerts about new jobs in your area by texting “AMAZON” to 77088 or by signing up for email notifications.

RME (Reliability, Maintenance, and Engineering) Opportunities: Operations is at the heart of Amazon’s business. We are known for our speed, accuracy, and exceptional service. Our buildings deliver tens of thousands of products to hundreds of countries worldwide, every day. Reliability Maintenance & Engineering (RME) are the business partners that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen. We drive continuous improvement, and maintain all of the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to ensure our customers are met with the Amazon smile. Come join us, on our journey! Opportunities include Technician and Leadership Roles.


AWS Educate Four training pathways: Software Development, Solution Architect, Big Data/Data Engineer and Operations/Technical Customer Support.


National Guard or Reservists Called to Active Duty

Upon completion of military leave, Amazon will make reasonable efforts to reinstate qualified associates to the position they would have held had their employment not been interrupted by military service. To be eligible to return to work, the associate must (1) give notice prior to taking military leave of their intent to return to work; (2) must not have been released from service under dishonorable or other punitive conditions; and (3) apply for reemployment (for leaves longer than 30 days) and report to work in a timely manner.

Salary Differential 

Regular full-time and regular part-time associates who are members of the Armed Forces Reserves or National Guard who are ordered to annual active duty training are eligible for a leave of absence and military differential pay up to a full year. Regular full-time and part-time associates who are called into temporary special duty, enlist, or are drafted are also eligible for an unpaid leave of absence.

If your military compensation for annual active duty training is less than your regular base salary or wages, you will receive compensation for the difference. Military differential pay can cover multiple weekend trainings over the course of the military fiscal year if working weekends is part of your regular work schedule.

Extended Medical Coverage

For military leaves of absence that do not exceed 31 days, associates will continue to receive health benefits (medical, dental and vision insurance) by paying their usual share of premium contributions. For military leaves that exceed 31 days, associates will continue to receive coverage until the end of the month following the first 31 days of their leave of absence. Beyond this, associates will be given the option to continue health insurance coverage for up to 24 months by paying the full cost of premiums through COBRA.


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