Principal, Senior Principal, and Distinguished Engineers are Amazon's most senior individual technical contributors.

Amazon’s Principal Engineer Community sets the standard for engineering excellence at Amazon.  The community comprises Principal, Senior Principal, and Distinguished Engineers who are responsible for driving Amazon’s overall technical architecture. Principal Engineers at Amazon are pragmatic visionaries. They make a lasting impact that echoes through the technology, the product, and the company. They work on Amazon’s hardest problems, building high quality, architecturally sound systems that are aligned with our business needs. They remain hands-on and lead by example. By being close to the details, they earn the respect needed to be effective technical leaders. Principal Engineers bring clarity to complexity and demonstrate smart ways to simplify. They are leaders and mentors, setting excellent examples for their local teams and the entire Amazon engineering community. They meet regularly to question each other’s assumptions, illuminate pitfalls, and foster shared understanding across all groups at Amazon. Amazon's Principal Engineering Community created a set of tenets to articulate and perpetuate the guiding values and expectations of Principal Engineers at Amazon! Click here to learn more about the tenets.

Amazon continues to expand our Principal Engineer Community and we are actively looking for senior technical individual contributors across every business at Amazon!

Open Role Highlight: 

Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business, and our team owns a foundational pillar of that vision — the Amazon Demand-Side Platform — which enables Brands of all sizes to buy premium advertising (Display, Video, Audio, etc) across Amazon’s ad network (, Amazon Devices & 3P Websites/MobileApps) across the world (12 locales), in a few clicks. Brands use our Demand Side Platform to drive awareness to relevant current & prospective customers, to grow/strengthen their active customer-base worldwide.You would lead over 100 engineers across many teams while owning the overall vision for these systems including the future state Demand Side Platform. This is a broad role that would interact with many parts of Amazon Advertising (1K+) in order to build some of the most scaled and most sophisticated Ad Tech in the world. Sound fun? Come join us!


If you are interested in pursuing a senior individual contributor role at Amazon, please contact the Senior Technical Talent Recruiting team using this email alias:

The Senior Technical Talent Recruiting Team is the dedicated talent acquisition team responsible for hiring Principal, Senior Principal and Distinguished Engineers across the globe. We focus on finding the right role fit for senior level technical individual contributors at Amazon.

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