An opportunity to start over

rekindle is an initiative to provide a launch pad to women who have taken a break in their careers due to any circumstances. Through this initiative, Amazon India aims to provide opportunities and support women to professionally re-integrate themselves and resume their corporate career. Structured on-boarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options and on the job learning are key elements to help potential candidates in ramping up.

Statistics indicate that women are apprehensive about resuming their careers after taking a break due to diminished confidence in their skillsets. Their need for more flexibility further adds to the dilemma of rejoining. Our aim is to provide an environment that supports and helps women rekindle their professional journey.

How does the program work?

The program is open to any candidate who has prior experience that matches the job requirements for the identified positions. Candidates will go through a structured assessment process comprising of a telephonic interview and multiple in-person interviews. Basis the performance during these interviews, the final hiring decision will be made for the position. Once the selected candidates are on-boarded, we will help them get assimilated into the Amazon culture and way of business with the rekindle mentoring programme. The mentoring engagement will include a series of developmental conversations spread over 5 months, where each of the identified areas are progressively worked upon.


"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."