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A return-to-work program for women who’ve taken a break in their careers

The rekindle program is a launchpad for women who've taken a break in their working lives for any reason. Our program helps women resume their careers.

Studies show that women are nervous about returning to work after a break. Their confidence in their skills is low. They may also need more flexibility due to lifestyle changes.

Our purpose is to support such women. Mentoring, flexible work options, and on-the-job learning are key elements that help our participants ramp up.

How does the program work?

The program is open to any woman who has taken a career break of 12 or more months and meets the requirements of the job.

When you apply, we’ll advise you on how to prepare for your interview. After that, you’ll go through the standard Amazon process. If you’re selected for the job, you’ll be supported by the rekindle orientation program.

Below are some stories and experiences of Amazon employees:

  1. Meera Narayanan, Director, WW Support Ops, speaks about working from home.

  2. Amazonians talk about returning to work after becoming mothers.

Amazon WoW

Amazon WoW is a networking group for women in tech that provides workshops and access to career resources. It connects participants with leaders, recruiters, and the broader Amazon tech community.

The group is open to rekindle candidates applying to tech roles. There are live sessions as well as on-demand videos about coding, problem solving, data structures, and algorithms. You can also find support for online assessments and technical interviews.

Register for Amazon WoW.


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