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We have different management roles depending on where you're at in your career:

Graduate Engineering Managers

As a Graduate RME Engineering Manager, you are in our entry-level manager role, which is designed to allow new graduate students the opportunity to become our future leaders. In this role, you are responsible for delivering a high level of equipment availability by ensuring that all daily routines and preventative maintenance activities are carried out, whilst following all internal processes and procedures.

Area Managers

As an RME Area Manager, you supervise a team of technicians. Depending on you focus area, you ensure equipment or facility maintenance and availability. You lead the application of preventative maintenance and continual process optimisation, while implementing long-term beneficial projects.

What you do:

  • Lead, support and mentor the team, ensuring they are working in a safe, standard and efficient manner.
  • Use your technical expertise and build solutions across the entire EMEA network.
  • Audit safety and statutory-compliance programs to provide a safe working environment for all staff.
  • Implement network standards and focus on preventative maintenance to provide a high level of equipment availability for the maintenance team.
  • Organise and support EMEA-wide projects to scale the Reliability & Maintenance engineering department.

Engineering Managers

As an RME Engineering Manager (the Amazon title is RME Manager), you lead the RME team on the Amazon site you're based at. Working with the Operations leadership team, you drive engineering solutions across the site. You ensure that the plant, facility and equipment are available. You also make sure that change is effectively managed, process improvement happens, and that the building's RME team has everything they need to work well and be successful.

You are typically responsible for:

  • Leading the team, owning the team's annual reporting responsibilities and mentoring your direct reports. They in turn develop the technicians within the team.
  • Working with the site Safety department and the Site Leadership team to implement, record and audit safety and statutory compliance programs to provide a safe working environment for all staff.
  • Leading and implementing continuous improvement initiatives to scale the wider reliability maintenance department.
  • Maintaining a long-term focus by working alongside Site Management, Finance, the wider Engineering teams and internal design teams to plan for future growth, upgrades or new equipment roll outs.

Meet some of our managers.


Marcial, a Manager in Spain, shares that every day in RME represents an opportunity to improve from both a professional and a personal perspective.


Adam, a Senior Manager in the UK, discusses how the RME team shares best practice, learns, and grows together based on a passion for what we do.

Nayra E.

RME Area Manager | Barcelona, Spsin

Nayra joined Amazon as a Senior Reliability Maintenance Engineering (RME) Technician three years ago, when she moved from the Canary Islands to Barcelona. After gaining experience in Barcelona, she relocated to Italy for six months to help launch new sites there. Upon her return to Spain, she was promoted to RME Area Manager.

What Nayra likes most about Amazon's culture is that it feels like everyone is treated equally, with the same opportunities to grow and succeed. She has also built great relationships with her co-workers and has had the opportunity to learn from others' ways of working, and made some really good friends along the way.

In her free time, Nayra enjoys reading science fiction and adventure stories. She also loves trying new foods and restaurants with friends.

Andrzej S.

RME Area Manager | Poznan, Poland

Andrzej joined Amazon in 2017 as Senior Reliability Maintenance Engineering (RME) Technician in one of the biggest Fulfillment Centres in Europe near Poznan, Poland. After two years, he advanced to utilize his knowledge and experience as an RME Planner. In 2020, he embraced the challenge to widen his area of responsibility and accepted an RME Area Manager role.

Andrzej's team focuses on creating and maintaining a safe work environment. They ensure machinery performs properly to keep our promises to customers and they look for ways to improve material handling equipment to meet the evolving needs of Operations teams.

What Andrzej likes most about Amazon's culture is that everyone is given a chance to succeed. Operations is the heart of Amazon Fulfillment, and RME support is not limited to keeping machines running — we are constantly thinking about how we can serve our customers better and what technical improvements we can implement to make processes more efficient.

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