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As an RME Technician, you'll focus on planned preventive maintenance on the full range of equipment within an Amazon site. This includes conveyors as well as complex robots and facility equipment. Equipment will be assigned to you depending on your skillset and interests.

In case of unexpected stops, you and your team will resolve them and ensure the equipment is back up and running. You'll also work on improving our processes. Together, we strive for excellent work quality and benchmarks.

You'll typically:

  • Ensure all health and safety standards and regulations are applied.
  • Conduct planned preventive maintenance on the full range of equipment within the site. You'll quickly resolve breakdowns, communicate clearly with the affected parties, and work efficiently to fix issues.
  • Support high levels of equipment availability.
  • Develop and learn from Senior Technicians.

Team Leads

As an RME Senior Technician, you'll apply your knowledge as a subject-matter expert to train and mentor Technicians. You'll work as a Team Lead or Shift Supervisor.

What you'll do:

  • Ensure best practices in health and safety are followed.
  • Demonstrate subject-matter expertise on all Material Handling Equipment in a building.
  • Understand overall equipment effectiveness and equipment performance metrics.
  • Mentor a team of technicians.

As a Technician or Senior Technician, you'll normally work in a non-traditional shift pattern, which may include nights and weekends.

Meet some of our Technicians


Aleix, a Technician in Spain, describes the RME team culture of safety, innovation, and collaboration.


Sergio, a Senior Technician in Spain, describes the culture of development and mentorship in RME.

Danny W.

Reliability and Maintenance Technician | Dunstable, UK

Danny's Amazon career started in 2016 when he joined the Apprentice program. After three years of study, he received his qualification in 2019 and became an RME Technician based at a Fulfillment Center in Luton, UK. He applied for the program because engineering runs in his family.

Danny's proudest moment came in March 2020. Because shops were closed and people were working from home due to the pandemic, Amazon experienced increased demand beyond what we would normally see during the holidays. Danny stepped up and managed the operation of a section of the FC, overseeing another apprentice. Together they ensured machines were running smoothly and output wasn't impacted.

Sam D.

Senior RME Technician | Darlington, UK

Sam joined the RME team in September 2019, as part of the initial launch team for MME1 in Darlington. The site was originally planned to launch in May 2020, but the launch was accelerated and took place four weeks early. Sam stepped up into the Senior RME role shortly after launch, despite only being with the company for six months. Following successful spells leading two separate teams of 10 Technicians, she passed panel to move into a permanent senior role.

Kayleigh B.

RME Technician | Bolton, UK

Kayleigh is a valued member of our Reliability and Maintenance Engineering team, and a champion of Amazon’s commitment to hiring and developing talented female engineers. She works as an RME Technician at our Fulfillment Center in Bolton.

“Before joining Amazon, I spent nine years in the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Engineering Technician. My time was spent carrying out maintenance on helicopters, preparing and planning resources to make sure equipment was serviced and available prior to deployment."

She's passionate about supporting and mentoring less experienced team members. During her time in the Navy, she led a team of junior engineers in carrying out training and giving guidance. At Amazon, Kayleigh is proud to be a mentor to Mechatronics Apprentices, a four-year qualification designed to support people looking to pursue a career within Engineering.

“I have an empathetic personality,” she says, “and it isn't just ‘hands-on’ guidance on doing the job that our Apprentices need. I enjoy being able to support them with valuable workplace skills, such as finding the confidence to speak up, as well as suggesting ideas. I'm passionate about encouraging female engineers to join the industry.”

Kayleigh also enjoys getting involved with hiring-related events, such as Military CV workshops, to give fellow forces leavers an insight on what life in RME is like, and supporting with job applications and interview tips.

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