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About Indianapolis

Kickstart your new career in the city of speed

Indiana's capital is famous for its speedway, where since 1911 the best racing drivers in the world have fought to win the Indy 500. Yet just a few miles away, white-tailed deer and red foxes run wild in the Great Lakes ecosystem, and migrating birds wheel overhead along the Mississippi Flyway.

Downtown has a wealth of neoclassical buildings and is one of the best examples of the City Beautiful design movement. Landmarks from the past sit beside new districts that house cutting-edge research institutes. The city's central US location also makes it a major logistics hub.

Amazon has a big presence in Indianapolis. Our large staff is spread across many sites that handle packages for global destinations. The mini-fulfillment center at Greenwood, which opened in 2021, is the first of its kind in the area. This site is set up to deliver last-mile service within hours of ordering.

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