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About Sydney

A thriving hub of beauty, culture, and opportunity

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia. It was built on low hills that surround its famous harbor, with the iconic Sydney Opera House standing against the skyline. The city offers a blend of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and economic prosperity.

From its rugged cliffs to golden beaches, the stunning scenery is ideal for all kinds of outdoors activities. Climb the Blue Mountains, catch some waves at Bondi Beach, or take a stroll through the Royal Botanical Garden. Art, theater, and music are also a major part of the city’s identity, with a wide range of events.

We have a strong network of facilities and office space in the Sydney area. With a talented workforce and a strategic position, Sydney is a key hub for our operations. From entry level to specialized roles in a range of tech and non-tech areas, we have the career you’re looking for. Ready to join us?

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