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Bad Hersfeld


About Bad Hersfeld

What's good to know

Bad Hersfeld is about 50 km southeast of Kassel and is known as the spa and festival town. Home to around 30,000 people, the town is an effortless mix of the traditional and contemporary, with modern shops, boutiques and shopping centres all sitting comfortably within the atmosphere of a medieval town.

Wandering around the town centre is a real pleasure. There’s a wealth of restaurants and cafes to sit at and watch the world go by, as well as the traditional and modern spa where you can shake of the stresses of the day and recharge your energy.

Above all, Bad Hersfeld is known for the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele, a month-long festival of music and the arts. This annual event is held in the town's 11th century abbey ruins, which themselves are said to be Europe's biggest Romanesque church ruins.

Fulfillment Centers

Bad Hersfeld (Hesse) is home to two Amazon Fulfillment Centers: FRA1 und FRA3.

"FRA" is the oldest Amazon Fulfillment Center in Germany. It was opened in 1999 and measures 42.000 square meters or seven soccer fields. When it was opened the whole operations were handled in one warehouse – today there are four.

"FRA3" is the second largest Fulfillment Center. It was opened in 2009. With 110.000 square meters it is approximately the size of 17 football pitches.

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