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About Barcelona

The city of endless creativity

Known for its architecture and art, Barcelona is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It lies on the eastern coast of Spain, by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Barcelona is a key cultural center, where the past and the present join to create a unique vibe.

From its landmarks and museums to its parks and shorelines, the city offers something for everyone. The hidden alleys of the Gothic Quarter preserve its ancient heritage, while the Sagrada Familia combines traditional and modernist designs. Wandering through La Rambla, you’ll hear lively music, see vibrant art, and smell sizzling tapas.

Barcelona is a growing tech hub for us. We’ve built a network of logistics facilities that serve our customers in the region. We also have several corporate offices dotted around the city. Our roles come with great benefits, training, and career growth. This is your chance to build a strong future. Ready to join us?


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