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About Bucharest

What's good to know

The Amazon office in Bucharest, Romania is home to several teams:

AWS teams in Bucharest are working on the core compute platforms of the cloud. We focus on serverless function and container execution platforms, trusted compute, and global-scale infrastructure tooling for AWS EC2. The teams here provide key pieces of the technical foundation that AWS services are built on. We constantly innovate cloud computing technologies like Firecracker and Nitro Enclaves, and also develop internal Tooling and Services to enhance AWS’s competitiveness and boost the experience of our customers.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to create a more personalized experience. There are now tens of thousands of skills from different companies around the globe. In the Certification Team we manage third party content for Amazon Alexa. We drive the entire certification process from the moment a developer submits the content to the moment it is put up on the store. We are also making sure our customers enjoy the high quality experience for Amazon customers even after that.

Alexa Shopping’s goal is to build a product that millions of customers love to use every day across Alexa-enabled devices, stores and Amazon desktop and mobile. A superior CX quality is foundational for driving Shopping customer engagement and economic contribution. OPTIMA’s mission is to enable shopping feature teams deliver superior CX quality across Alexa end points and locales, by providing them reliable and comprehensive CX quality insights and ground truth data to measure and train ML (Machine Learning) models for feature enhancements and new feature launches. We achieve this through a) our program management team, which owns defining and driving CX quality programs (e.g. GSR, CPDR etc) and b) Operations team, which owns processes like root cause analysis (RCA) of CX failures, ML annotations, device testing etc covering all Alexa end points and locales. Alexa shopping also leverages ADS (Alexa Data Services) Operations for certain labeling and CX metrics measurement needs across Alexa end points and locales e.g. NLU labelling, GSR evaluation etc.

The Alexa Data Services (ADS) organization provides data creation, curation, and analytics services to help develop, test, and train the Alexa AI. We work closely with Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Science and modeling teams, providing the critical data they need to improve Alexa’s speech recognition and language understanding capabilities.

IT Services is Amazon’s internal IT support team. We provide products, services, and technology that enable corporate employees to solve their IT problems and maximize their productivity.

Amazon team under PARS (Product Assurance, Risk, and Security) responsable for developing and running Machine Learning solutions for Compliance (ASINs classificaction, document and image identification, validation and extraction). The team is developing ML Fabric (a collection of frameworks, libraries and automation for simplified and standardized Machine Learning Engineering).

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