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Las Vegas Area


About Las Vegas Area

The entertainment capital of the world

Opulent casinos and hotels, great shows, and neon signs all around, Las Vegas started as a tiny railroad center. Today, the largest city in the state of Nevada offers the best in luxury and leisure. It promises moments of fun and joy to the masses of people who come visit each year.

Beyond the downtown lights, you’ll find the quiet life of the suburbs. The surrounding Mojave Desert features variety of plants and animals, as well as a striking scenery. Towering sandstone cliffs and deep canyons are popular among hikers and climbers.

Several warehouses and distribution centers make up a hub for our operations in this part of the country, along with a corporate office that supports our HR teams. As we grow, we’re excited to get to know more talented people who want to innovate with us. Are you ready to take this challenge?

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