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About Leipzig

What's good to know

Leipzig is a bustling city with a population of just over half a million. The city has been a major European interchange since medieval times and to this day it's a place where commerce and culture meet. The home town of Johann Sebastian Bach – not forgetting Mendelssohn and Wagner – Leipzig has a rich cultural heritage. There are countless art treasures and collections housed in numerous galleries and museums, while summer sees the market square given over to a wide variety of open air events and concerts. 

The city also boasts a wide variety of sports clubs and facilities, exceptional Zoo, superb shopping and a host of restaurants and bars, each with its own unique flavor. It is truly a city that caters to all tastes.

Our Fulfillment Center

Amazon operates a Fulfillment Center in Leipzig since 2006. It has a building area of 75,000m², equivalent to 11 football pitches.

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