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London (Greater London Area)


About London (Greater London Area)

A modern metropolis and global economic hub

With almost 2000 years of history, London is one of the world’s oldest cities. As the capital of the UK, London has preserved its rich and long history, represented by iconic landmarks across the city. Today, it is a thriving modern metropolis and a major global economic hub.

From the theater district of the West End to the markets of Camden Town, this city bustles with culture. Along the banks of the Thames, you’ll feel a lively energy, marked by the chimes of Big Ben. Visit the world’s famous museums or take a stroll through beautiful parks. There are activities for all tastes.

London is an important part of our global operations. We have several offices that are home to thousands of employees working in tech and non-tech roles. We operate multiple warehouses that cater to the UK and beyond. Our teams are growing and excited to welcome you. Ready to join us?


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