About Milan

Milan is the second largest Italian city by population, and in terms of commercial, industrial and financial aspects, is the central point of reference of the country. Both for geographical position, and for natural vocation, Milan is the most inclined Italian center to look up and interact with Europe: major multinationals and the Italian stock Exchange have offices in the city. It is also the venue of EXPO 2015, an event that strengthens and increases its International presence.

Millions of visitors come to the city every year, attracted both by the many events in the field of fashion and design, and by the architectural and cultural structures.

Amazon Corporate Office

The offices in Milan opened in September 2012, and are set in the historic building of the Italian Royal Mail in Via Ferrante Aporti, reachable by a short walk from Central Station. The area is well connected to the city airports, as well as subway lines and stations, and to the surroundings and the main Italian cities.

Since the opening in Milan, the office has created over 250 permanent jobs and is still booming. The office employees support various Amazon businesses. The office employs professionals in specialist and managerial roles.

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