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About Munich

What's good to know

Munich is the capital and the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It lies on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Modern Munich is a financial and publishing hub, and frequently ranks among the top destinations for expatriate migration. Indeed it has the strongest economy of any German city and hosts the headquarters of many well-known companies.

As a major European cultural center, Munich has also welcomed many prominent composers including Mozart, Wagner and Strauss. And its annual Oktoberfest is a legendary tourist attraction. For two weeks, the Oktoberfest attracts millions of people to its beer tents (‘Bierzelte’) and fairgrounds.

Our Corporate Offices

Our offices in Munich are located in modern office buildings in the Northern part of the district „Schwabing“on Marcel-Breuer-Straße close to transport and leisure activities. They host a variety of different teams and categories.

The Retail Team, consisting of Vendor Managers, Product Managers, Content Managers and Supply Chain Manager is responsible for growing the product selection offered through the Amazon website and ensures the optimal amount of inventory. Our New Accounts and Key Account Managers from the Merchant Service teams identify new merchants for Amazon Marketplace and provide support for existing merchants.

The Advertising Team serves customers who book marketing campaigns on the Amazon website to ensure a great coverage.
Besides Retail, Merchant Services and Advertising, the following teams are located in Munich: Amazon Web Services, Browse & Search Development, Gift Cards, Supply Chain & Transportation, Digital Entertainment, Amazon Devices as well as Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, PR, Legal and IT.


Our Delivery Stations

In addition to our existing delivery stations located in and around Munich, 2019 will see us bringing a new delivery station in Moosburg.

This new delivery station in Moosburg will work with several independent delivery companies to provide the fast and reliable delivery Amazon customers love and trust. Amazon Logistics is helping independent local delivery companies to grow their businesses and adds capacity and flexibility to Amazon’s delivery network to meet increasing customer demand.

In a first step, Amazon will create approx. 150 jobs on the 6.600 square meters of the new delivery station. In addition, more than 300 drivers working for the independent delivery companies will collect parcels from the delivery station and deliver them to Amazon customers in Moosburg and neighboring cities.

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