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The Netherlands


About The Netherlands

A European gem

Most visitors’ first view of The Netherlands reveals a patchwork of brightly colored tulip fields. This fertile land has been a leader in agriculture since the 16th century. Its modern economy thrives on trade, banking, electronics, and more. It's a founding member of the European Union and has the busiest seaport and third-busiest airport in Europe.

Amsterdam, the country's business and cultural capital, is famed for its quirky buildings and quaint canals. This laid-back city is perfect for tourists seeking a mix of history and fun. Art galleries and museums share space with flea markets and coffee shops. Vibrant nightlife adds the final touch.

The Hague is the national seat of government. It's also home to many embassies and organizations such as the International Court of Justice. From the gleaming high-rises of downtown to the golden sands of its beach resorts, this lively city has something for everyone.  

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