About Poznan

One of the oldest and largest cities in Poland, Poznan is located on the Warta River in the central-western region of the country. Poznan dates back to the turn of the first millennium, and has been a capitol city for various political and administrative regions during its history.

With its cobblestoned streets, churches, museums and colourful and lively burgher houses, the Old Town of Poznan proves to be a surprise for anyone who stops by for a visit. Take a stroll to the central market square and you’ll instantly get a feel for the vibrancy of Wielkopolska’s charismatic capital. The Old Town district is vibrant at any time of the day but especially at night when masses flock to its many restaurants, bars and cafes. The city is buzzing at any time of the year, thanks to the combination of its student population and its international business travellers.

Today, Poznan is still considered a major economic power in Poland, second only to Warsaw in size and prosperity. It holds a reputation as a city of trade fairs, partly thanks to it being midway from Paris to Moscow.  

Sady Fulfillment Center

In order to be able to meet current and future customer demand, Amazon launched a state of the art fulfillment center in Sady, Poznan, in the municipality of Tarnowo Podgórne. Having been successfully integrated into the European Fulfillment Network, this fulfillment center is one of the three fulfillment centers that Amazon operates all over Poland. The fulfillment center is 95,000 square metre (or 13 football pitches) and ships thousands of articles to the rest of Europe every day.

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