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About Regensburg

What's good to know

Around 80km northeast of Munich, Regensburg is one of Germany's best-preserved medieval cities. The streets themselves have been protected by strict laws since the 1970s but don't think for one minute that this well-preserved, 2,000-year-old heritage has turned the city into an architectural theme park.

Modern developments have been tastefully integrated into the fabric of the more traditional landscape. And there’s been rapid development of the university and colleges, closely linked to the growth of new commerce and industry. Today's Regensburg is an energetic, prosperous town with a population of around 140,000 enjoying a flourishing cultural life and closeness to nature along with a reasonable cost of living.

Customer Service Center

This major German customer service center is located in Regensburg. The office was founded back in 1998 and it takes care of all sorts of customer inquiries.


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