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Tel Aviv


About Tel Aviv

City by the sea

The founders of Tel Aviv had a grand vision from the start. On the site of a small coastal settlement, a modern city was planned that would rival the great capitals of Europe. In just over a century, that vision has become one of the economic powerhouses of the Middle East. The diverse population enjoys a high quality of life, while visitors from all corners of the globe revel in the city's beach culture and vibrant nightlife.

From the ancient port of Jaffa to the listed Modernist structures of the White City, Tel Aviv’s landmarks are famed the world over. Bohemian Florentin is known for its cafes, bars, and markets. Upmarket Ramat Aviv houses Tel Aviv University, the largest in Israel. Elegant Rothschild Boulevard is lined with art galleries and embassies. Top architects have contributed to today’s skyline, which showcases many of the region’s tallest towers.

Amazon opened its first office in Tel Aviv in 2014. Since then, we’ve continued to grow and invest in our Israeli client base. The pathbreaking Floor28, which opened in 2018, is a popular space where local businesses gather for events and workshops. We’re always on the lookout for team players to help us create leading-edge tech and products. Sound like you? Check out our open jobs below.


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